Warcraft Remake


A complete remake of the Warcraft classic


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Warcraft Remake is, as its name indicates, a remake of the first Warcraft by Blizzard, developed with its own engine, the Lion Engine, which allows the game to work well on both full screen, on a window, and even on a browser.

Gameplay is identical to the original: you have to erect buildings, obtain resources, train units and, of course, use all of your resources to finish off your enemies.

The game uses exactly the same graphics and sounds as the original Blizzard game; so fans of Warcraft will feel right at home as soon as they start playing Warcraft Remake.

Warcraft Remake only allows single players games in which you can set up which side you want to begin the game with (humans or orcs), the side you want to play against, the type of map, and if the map starts off completely visible or not.

Because it is a game that is currently in development, Warcraft Remake, only has two different dueling scenes. On these scenes you can try to beat the artifice intelligence by being quicker and more intelligent than it is.

Warcraft Remake is a real-time strategy game in which players must try to defeat their enemies in the never-ending battle between humans and orcs.
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